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Hello world!


Aug 8, 2022

Randi & Jr. met at church 5 months before the big question was asked! They shared an instant connection from the get go and it was evident during their session as well. God really tested their relationship straight away, because Randi actually broke her foot skateboarding the week Jr. asked her out. LOL! As soon as Jr. told me this story, we immediately knew this was the PERFECT way to propose to her. We even went to the spot where he asked her out. Despite this, Randi was absolutely clueless the entire time! Throughout the session, we jammed out to music, skated around the park, and really just had a blast. About halfway through, I placed them back to back while Randi was holding the skateboard for a "Vogue" moment. It was indeed not a vogue moment, but the moment that would change their lives forever. I snapped a few pictures of the pose I created, and had Jr. get down on knee. Randi finally turned around and she immediately dropped the skateboard and fell into Jr.'s arms. She obviously said yes. My eyes were all teary eyed as I had witnessed and captured this beautiful moment. After the shock of it all faded away, we finished up the session during the most stunning golden hour ever.